The marketing of any company is one of the major factors in a business becoming a success for the future, and can prove to be a make or break area of the business that can change fortunes at any time. Looking at Lime Crime and how well reviewed the Velvetines line has been is a good example of how to run in the modern market. The traditional way of marketing a cosmetics or fashion based company has always been to produce glossy images that show off the styles of the brand in the best possible light. Lime Crime, and its founder, Doe Deere have taken a different approach to marketing this successful startup that is having an effect on the entire industry, which is changing the way it presents new products to customers.

  Lime Crime does produce traditional marketing images for Facebook, and text that are used in stores and Online where the products are sold on Amazon. The Lime Crime brand has based its success on standing outside the traditional view of the cosmetics industry, which the brand sees as focusing upon the life and career of CEO Doe Deere herself. Doe Deere spends a large amount of time writing blogs and posting her thoughts to social media accounts, which she does under her own brand of the Queen of the Unicorns. There are many areas of the marketing of Lime Crime that Doe Deere undertakes and supervises personally, including the majority of images and products produced.

The main reasons for the growth of Lime Crime has been the individuality of the cosmetics products produced and the high level of success the company has had in marketing products Online. Lime Crime is famous for the bold colors and innovative teaming of products that set the company apart from its longer established rivals, alongside this growth the company has also looked to evolve into new areas of the cosmetics industry. As Doe Deere herself continues to evolve her own sense of individual style the future of the brand is following closely along with a series of more subdued cosmetics being produced that are perfect for daily wear for work or leisure wear. Be sure to visit the website for Lime Crime's entire line of Lip apparel.