The industry of online retailing received a new addition back in 2013 when the business partners Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg took on a new project alongside Kate Hudson. Fabletics is a brand as athletic wear and shoes, as of a couple of months ago.


Fabletics took the industry by storm from the start.The pre-launch campaign was curated with a lot of skill and understanding of the current trends in digital marketing and consumer behavior. That was the first time that the brand showed their understanding for crowdsourcing opinions. The consumer base is not a constant because opinions, preferences,behaviours, and abilities change and expand on the daily.


The most recent change is the increasing trust that consumers put in reviews sourced not only from the particular website but also from other places around the internet such as forums, sites, and video reviews, and so on. In fact, consumers go by reviews so much that they are a decisive factor whether the potential buyer will indeed purchase the item. Having figured that out, most online retail sites now have a review section. Potential buyers spend a lot of time reading through the reviews and forming a more solid opinion about the product.


Fabletics has implemented the leveraging of buyer reviews on their website as well. Since they introduced the review section, purchases have increased considerably. The brand has taken the opportunity to allow former buyers to speak of the quality of the brand and its items.


Over the years, Fabletics has been working towards making a difference in the market of sports wear for women. The beginnings of the brands were based on the feedback of women in terms of their struggles with finding athletic wear they liked. The answer was rather decisive as women pointed out the lack of fashionable pieces on an affordable price. Most trendy pieces of active wear were available only on the high street while the most common items were made of lower quality materials and were often ill-fitting.


 This feedback prompted the creators of Fabletics to fill the gap in the market with the brand. Fabletics started bringing ready designs to the wide public without compromising the quality of their items. Soon the brand of Fabletics started doing business all around the world. The brand started attracting buyers that also used the clothes for running chores, studying, and daily wear and leisure. The audience of Fabletics started calling the products ‘’athleisure’’ clothing.


Fabletics is always trying t expand their selection. Earlier this year the brand started offering a show line. So far, the footwear is only available to members with a V.I.P membership but it will start being available to everyone by the end of the year. The footwear consists of training shoes and sneakers, as well as of casual footwear such as slip-ons and flats. Kate Hudson states that clients will now be able to make a complete outfit of the sports wear that Fabletics offers from head to toe and that there will be more additions to come.