The marketing of any company is one of the major factors in a business becoming a success for the future, and can prove to be a make or break area of the business that can change fortunes at any time. Looking at Lime Crime and how well reviewed the Velvetines line has been is a good example of how to run in the modern market. The traditional way of marketing a cosmetics or fashion based company has always been to produce glossy images that show off the styles of the brand in the best possible light. Lime Crime, and its founder, Doe Deere have taken a different approach to marketing this successful startup that is having an effect on the entire industry, which is changing the way it presents new products to customers.

  Lime Crime does produce traditional marketing images for Facebook, and text that are used in stores and Online where the products are sold on Amazon. The Lime Crime brand has based its success on standing outside the traditional view of the cosmetics industry, which the brand sees as focusing upon the life and career of CEO Doe Deere herself. Doe Deere spends a large amount of time writing blogs and posting her thoughts to social media accounts, which she does under her own brand of the Queen of the Unicorns. There are many areas of the marketing of Lime Crime that Doe Deere undertakes and supervises personally, including the majority of images and products produced.

The main reasons for the growth of Lime Crime has been the individuality of the cosmetics products produced and the high level of success the company has had in marketing products Online. Lime Crime is famous for the bold colors and innovative teaming of products that set the company apart from its longer established rivals, alongside this growth the company has also looked to evolve into new areas of the cosmetics industry. As Doe Deere herself continues to evolve her own sense of individual style the future of the brand is following closely along with a series of more subdued cosmetics being produced that are perfect for daily wear for work or leisure wear. Be sure to visit the website for Lime Crime's entire line of Lip apparel.

The industry of online retailing received a new addition back in 2013 when the business partners Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg took on a new project alongside Kate Hudson. Fabletics is a brand as athletic wear and shoes, as of a couple of months ago.


Fabletics took the industry by storm from the start.The pre-launch campaign was curated with a lot of skill and understanding of the current trends in digital marketing and consumer behavior. That was the first time that the brand showed their understanding for crowdsourcing opinions. The consumer base is not a constant because opinions, preferences,behaviours, and abilities change and expand on the daily.


The most recent change is the increasing trust that consumers put in reviews sourced not only from the particular website but also from other places around the internet such as forums, sites, and video reviews, and so on. In fact, consumers go by reviews so much that they are a decisive factor whether the potential buyer will indeed purchase the item. Having figured that out, most online retail sites now have a review section. Potential buyers spend a lot of time reading through the reviews and forming a more solid opinion about the product.


Fabletics has implemented the leveraging of buyer reviews on their website as well. Since they introduced the review section, purchases have increased considerably. The brand has taken the opportunity to allow former buyers to speak of the quality of the brand and its items.


Over the years, Fabletics has been working towards making a difference in the market of sports wear for women. The beginnings of the brands were based on the feedback of women in terms of their struggles with finding athletic wear they liked. The answer was rather decisive as women pointed out the lack of fashionable pieces on an affordable price. Most trendy pieces of active wear were available only on the high street while the most common items were made of lower quality materials and were often ill-fitting.


 This feedback prompted the creators of Fabletics to fill the gap in the market with the brand. Fabletics started bringing ready designs to the wide public without compromising the quality of their items. Soon the brand of Fabletics started doing business all around the world. The brand started attracting buyers that also used the clothes for running chores, studying, and daily wear and leisure. The audience of Fabletics started calling the products ‘’athleisure’’ clothing.


Fabletics is always trying t expand their selection. Earlier this year the brand started offering a show line. So far, the footwear is only available to members with a V.I.P membership but it will start being available to everyone by the end of the year. The footwear consists of training shoes and sneakers, as well as of casual footwear such as slip-ons and flats. Kate Hudson states that clients will now be able to make a complete outfit of the sports wear that Fabletics offers from head to toe and that there will be more additions to come.



Securus Technologies has announced that it will make systematic a press release over a period of six months to expose the integrity breach and wrongdoing perpetrated over the years by Global Tel Link. GTL is a carrier that is involved in the provision of technology solutions to correction agencies. Securus Technologies has taken the decision to expose Global Tel Link in a bid to maintain the integrity of the sector and ensure service delivery for those in the civil and criminal justice system is honest and efficient. The company hopes that the releases will make GTL become more accountable towards the inmates and remedy the wrongs that it has done over the years. 

The first publication that Securus Technologies intends to publish is a report made by the Louisiana Public Service Commission that investigated GTL almost two decades ago. Upon completion of the investigations it was found that GTL had programmed the clocks in the telephones at correction institutions that added more time duration to each call made, something that was done unlawfully. The company was also found to have programmed their systems that led to charging higher interest on calls made which was unauthorized, billing more than once and adding more money to the bill charged without lawful or reasonable justification. Some of the actions taken by Global Tel Link were unauthorized and had cost the taxpayers in the state of Louisiana at least 1,243,000 dollars. 

Although Securus Technologies observes that these investigations were made over eighteen years ago by the Louisiana Public Service Commission, it doesn’t absolve GTL of its wrongdoing. It is further noted that GTL has not stopped the practice. It is incumbent on the industry players to expose such companies to restore sanity in the provision of quality services to inmates.

Securus Technologies, based in Dallas, Texas serves correction agencies in the United States. The company has been providing technology solutions to prisons since 1986. Due to the success and integrity of the company, it has served at least two thousand six hundred correctional agencies across the country.


Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.