Dick DeVos is a businessman as well as an entrepreneur who has dedicated his entire live towards building his family business known as Amway Corporation, a consumer distribution company that is currently operating on a global scale with partnerships in over 18 different countries. Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos, the founder of Amway Corporation and has been inspired by his father ever since an early age. Dick DeVos admires his father and hopes that all he has done in regards to business, has made his father proud. With Dick DeVos' immense success, he has been able to not only give to charities, but has also been able to give back to his community in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a community that Mr. DeVos still cherishes.

Dick DeVos' passion for business is a result of his constant involvement with his family's company even at an early age. Dick DeVos distinctly remembers playing in the basement of his home at an early age alongside his brother. As the headquarters for the family company was, at the time, in the basement of the DeVos home, Mr. DeVos spent most of his time involved with the company. As a result, Dick DeVos has many fond memories of contributing to the company by stocking shelves, organizing files, and even by giving product descriptions on behalf of the company. 

Dick DeVos' passion for business is what inspired him to pursue a degree in business management. This degree not only gave him the tools needed to assist he needed, but also gave him the needed qualifications to enter the company as an official team member. Dick DeVos officially became a team member of Amway Corporation in 1974 and has since then dedicated over 30 years towards building the company. In 1993 to 2002, Dick DeVos' talent and skill for leading people eventually earned him the honor of being appointed as CEO of his family's company.

After 2002, and even recently, Dick DeVos has decided to take a step back from running his successful businesses. Dick DeVos has decided to spend more time with both his family as well as with philanthropy. With that said, in recent news 
Dick DeVos has appointed Phil Dolci to be his successor in his businesses. Dick DeVos is not only trustful of Mr. Dolci, but also has confidence that he will use his skills to further build his company up.

There are some clothing items we have come to rely on. Without them life wouldn't be the same. Thank goodness for people who have a vision. We are grateful for brave people who are not afraid to wear something unique. These trend setters are the ones responsible for forging new trails in fashion history.

The first clothing invention that is still popular today are blue jeans. Women wore blue jeans as early as the Victorian era, according to this site. However, it wasn't until the 1950's, when Grace Kelly wore blue jeans in a movie that jeans started to work their way into women's wardrobes. Currently, it is estimated most women have at least 7 pair of blue jeans in their closet.

The second fashion item is the little black dress. A black dress is a staple in almost every women's wardrobe. A black dress is so versatile. It can be worn alone, with a colored sweater, jean jacket or blazer. It can be dressed up or dressed down. It can be worn during any season. Black dresses can also be worn to most any occasion says Igor.

The last fashion gem is a bikini. Bikinis have forevermore changed the scene on beaches across America. The styles of bikinis have changed, but not the look a woman gets when she wears one.

Some women's fashions never die. Blue jeans, black dresses and bikinis are among the staples women can't live without.