Lime Crime Galore magazine did a full spread article on Lime Crime creator Doe Deere as female entrepreneur of the year. She has worked hard to bring women unique colors and shades that compliments a bold look. Young professionals and trendsetters require a makeup that makes a statement. Everyday Deere is inventing new colors because of the advise of her customers. Now cosmetic users can get unique colors like never before. Transform the way you wear makeup with Lime Crime. Your friends will think you get your makeup donw from an expensive stylist.
Cosmetics From Lime Crime

- Eyeshadows
- EOS lip balms
- Clothing
- Lipsticks
- Accessories

Doe Deere use to try on her mother's makeup and clothing when she was a child. She spent hours playing dress-up, but noticed her mom's makeup collection included only neutral colors. She decided from then on that she was going to create her own makeup line that has brilliant colors. She would later go on to create Lime Crime serving thousands of women across the globe. Best of all, you can have their products shipped conveniently to your door. You will love your bold new confidence with makeup.

Lime Crime is offering free shipping through Doll's Kill, to their Canadian customers for a limited time. Now is a great time to invest in Lime Crime products and start your own online business. You can quickly become a successful online merchant for half the price of other startup cosmetics businesses. Host makeup parties and show your friends how creative they can be. Lime Crime is a great product to wear and make money off of. More importantly, Lime Crime has clothing and accessories that will accent your look. Many women rely on Lime Crime because they are easy to order online and most form of payment is accepted. Most online retailers are promising a makeup genie that they can't deliver. Lime Crime has proven results that really show you how much you can experiment with your look. Love the skin you're in and use the benefits of Lime Crime cosmetics purchased online easy.