Bernardo Chua keeps the coffee drinkers excited with all the work that he is putting into his research of the Ganoderma mushroom. It is the exciting ingredients that is going into these products that is giving customers more options. People that drink coffee may not have heard of OrganoGold, but Bernardo Chua is changing all of that. He is into marketing on a global level and he wants the same brand that people in South America are talking about to be the brand that makes waves in America.

  Crunchbase indicates that Chuais a hard-working businessman that has managed to determine that coffee drinkers are always in the market to try something new. Bernardo has become one of the best at appealing to what the customers want when it comes to coffee. He is making a brand that has different flavors, and he is continuing to market the various flavors to audiences worldwide. He is able do this effectively through two channels: direct distribution and online sales.

  People that know of Bernardo Chuaknow him because they have sought him out on Wikipedia. He isn’t on the top of the Forbes list like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg when it comes to billionaires. His products are not found in the Wal-Mart or local grocery stores. With Bernardo he is offering up a different type of product that goes through a distribution chain. He has the ability to sell directly to sites that will actually pay for the product upfront.

Many people are impressed with the award winning work ethic that Bernardo Chua has shown. He has developed a brand that was unheard of anywhere and become a brand that is recognized on different parts of the globe all over the world. There are people in America that recognize this brand. There are people in Brazil that are drinking coffee from OrganoGold. Canadians are discovering it just as United Kingdom natives are being exposed to this as well. There are a long line of consumers that are signing up for this gourmet coffee with healing agents. This is a brew that is unlike anything else and people are buzzing about it in a lot of different areas.

That is what has become the thing that has helped Chua become a leader in the coffee industry. He has become someone that has built a business that is going to last because there is such a large amount of demand for coffee. Starbucks and Dunkin Doughnuts are a sign of this. People love coffee and billions of dollars are spent on coffee each year. Chua has made a global brand that is emerging as one of the hottest coffee creators in history. He has built something new that intrigues customers.  Truly, healthy coffee is a possible accomplishment.