Technology has made breakthroughs in every field of life, out of which an important one is of crime prevention. Securus Technology is a promising name that provides its customers with safety against criminal and civil injustices and crimes. By using technology as a tool for establishing progressive imprisonment environment that ensures public safety, monitoring, and investigations, Securus Technology has not only created a name for itself but has also achieved an A+ ranking by the Better Business Bureau.

Customers of Securus Technologies are highly satisfied with the services they receive, as is evident from the feedback gathered from across the US, in the form of both penned letters and emails from prison staff. These customer feedbacks are open testimonials to the credible performance of Securus Technology. Concerned with incarceration safety, these officers and staff gave feedback and comments based on their experience.

According to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Richard. A“Rick” Smith, the company, develops technologies to create and develop secure environments within prisons on a monthly basis. The company then receives a range of feedback in the form of letters and emails. These letters are proof of how Securus technology and its products are making the society more secure.

Additionally, the technology employed at Securus enables officials to gather information from phone calls in order to acquire search warrants needed to incarcerate corrupt staff members. Moreover, it has become far easier and convenient to record calls that hold evidence of drug abuse and other illegal acts amongst inmate staffs. Several other comments from happy customers also shed light on how the LBS software, a product of Securus, has enabled the law enforcement department to recover black money. In my opinion, this particular feature has proved itself revolutionary regarding law enforcement and for the justice system as it allows officials to not only arrests criminals but also recover the assets that would have otherwise been hard to trace.


Finally, the Securus Technologies must be commended for its innovation of investigative tools and features that enable prison officials to monitor calls within cells, a feature that has proved not only vital for taking proactive measures against any suspicious activity, but also lessened incidences of illegal acts within facilities, thus ensuring a better and safer atmosphere for entities all around.