Madison Street Capital is one of the leading financial firms in the country today. Based out of Chicago, this is a company that has grown rapidly over the years. In a recent announcement, the company said that it was acting as a financial advisor for Sterling Packaging. Sterling Packaging is a manufacturing company based out of Alabama. Learn more:




Madison Street Capital


Over the years, Madison Street Capital has provided quality customer service to clients. There are a lot of people who work with Madison Street Capital in order to get financial advice for retirement. The Madison Street Capital reputation is one of the best in the industry. The company has started to work directly with other companies in the last few years. This is a new way for the company to grow in the years ahead. Learn more:



A lot of industries are struggling due to current economic conditions. Manufacturing is a tough business to make a profit in. This is one of the reasons why Sterling Packaging reached out to Madison Street Capital for help. Both companies believe that this relationship will be beneficial for everyone involved. Learn more:




Growing the Business


One of the key principles that has defined Madison Street Capital over the years is a focus on growth. Even though the company started out in a small building, the leaders have always been aggressive in growing both revenue and profits.


A strong focus on customer service is one of the reasons that the company does so well financially. This is a company that is passionate about bringing value to others in a variety of ways. In the coming years, Madison Street Capital is expected to build on this strong growth trend.



Sterling Manufacturing is making a lot of investments in order to drive growth in the future. Madison Street Capital will be involved to help with the financial portion of these investments.


Sometimes success stories almost seem like something people make up. Sometimes these stories go unheard, but this is one of the stories people should know. Or they should find out more about it. Roberto Santiago and his life have interesting turns that led him where he is today. One of the successful businessmen in Brazil. His beginning was simple.


Born in the fifties in Joao Pessoa, Roberto Santiago attended college and later the University Center of Joao Pessoa. He graduated with a degree in Business Administration and started his career working different jobs before taking a risk and making his first real estate investment.


Today Roberto owns one of the most famous shopping centres in Joao Pessoa called Manaira. He invested in the land in the eighties and spent a time to develop it into something remarkable. It opened the doors to its visitors in 1989. It is not the average shopping mall, though. There is more to it than meets the eye.


Visitors can spend time shopping or watch the newest film on of the screens in the cinema section. There is a gaming area with more than 200 games, concert hall and a gym. It even houses a bowling alley and a college as well as various financial institutions. The food court was created and then expanded and changed around twice to satisfy the different tastes of the visitors and shoppers coming here from the region and entire country.


Domus Hall is situated on the roof of the shopping centre and hosts everything from conferences to weddings and graduations. It can seat 4000 people, so it is ideal for concerts. It can accommodate up to 10 000 standing individuals, so it is perfect for graduations, birthdays and other events where people need space to dance and still be under one roof.


This place is not the only shopping centre Roberto Santiago owns. His second investment is called Mangeira, and it was created in 2013 based on a similar principle. Roberto Santiago doesn’t invest in a building, and he invests in a community. His shopping malls boost the economy daily, give locals almost unlimited options for shopping and entertainment, and attract guests from near and far.


It is a community space as well. Children use it as a place to come and see various exhibitions and concerts and teenagers use it is the perfect meeting spot. This economic boost helped the community to flourish, and Roberto Santiago takes pride in this work. He is not only a successful business man who was not afraid to take the initial risk. He is also a pleasant and intelligent individual who cares about his home city, his country and the people. This connection is what makes his story unique. It is a story about Roberto Santiago and his connection to the people of Brazil through a shopping mall.